Law Firm Hartmann & Pinterič 

Estd. 1983
Die Rechtsanwälte im Gewerbehof

The law firm Hartmann & Pinterič in Karlsruhe has been advising you since 1983 in all legal matters with a focus on:

Criminal Law

  • Detention matters, in particular: Protection in international extradition proceedings (IRG)
  • Narcotics law (BtMG): cultivation, production, trafficking, import, export. Protection in case of personal consumption.
  • We provide you assistance during questioning before the police, public prosecutor’s office and courts. Avoid the pressure you may get just to explain yourself and justify.
  • Protection against search
Important note: You have the right to request the assistance of a lawyer at any time and in any situation of the proceedings and to remain silent. We strongly advise you not to talk. Please, do not sign anything! Please, do not acknowledge anything!
  • Criminal traffic law, issuing of driving licence, preparation for MPU
  • File review ( from prosecutors office ) up from 99.- EUR.

Family Law

  • Divorce proceedings, alimony : amicable or contested divorce. In particular : Divorce settlement agreement.
  • Child law: custody, access rights.
  • Paternity acknowledgment, paternity contestation.
Important note: Do not react emotionally in matters of marriage and children. Settle the issues amicably. Spare your children. The family court is not a criminal court.

International Inheritance Law

  • Settlement of inheritance cases abroad / division of estate : which law applies ?
  • Avoidance of disputes or contentious proceedings for testators, heirs and communities of heirs.
  • Expertise in inheritance law EU, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Certificate of inheritance procedure / European certificate of inheritance,
  • Testamentary disposition, will, calculation of compulsory portion
  • Settlement of estates in Germany and abroad.
Important note: Please protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. Do not draw up a will or inheritance contract yourself. Avoid unnecessary costs in the event of death. Do not react emotionally in case of inheritance.

Employment Law

  • Action for protection against dismissal, protection against arbitrary dismissal.
  • Defense in case of warning.
  • Action for payment of wages. Whoever works must get his wages. We guarantee it.
  • Important note: Please note - deadlines!! 3-week deadlines, to file a lawsuit in the field of work !
  • Protection against mobbing and discrimination.

Traffic Law

  • Car sales contract warranty
  • Accident handling and regulation EU, international
  • Alcohol and drugs in road traffic
  • Issuance of driving license, driving ban, preparation MPU
Important note: Recovering a lost driver’s license without preparation and guidance is virtually impossible. Be very careful when someone guarantees you “quick success” . The sooner you engage us, the better your chances. The often promised quick solution or even a guarantee of success does not exist.

Contract Law

  • Collection of debts, default summons and debt collection.
  • Tenancy law
  • Enforcement

Since the foundation in 1983 by Mrs. Aune Hartmann, attorney at law, and Prof. Eckehardt Riehle, attorney at law, we have attached great importance to solid and precise results, advanced training, linguistic competence, as well as an understanding of social and economic contexts.

Languages: We advise you in German, English, Serbian and Croatian, Italian, Russian and English.

Residence in Germany

  • Residence permit / family reunion children, spouse, parents.
  • Protection from expulsion according to German and European law.
  • Protection from deportation.
  • Incorporation by non-Germans.
Important note: In theory, you do not need a lawyer for the time being. Save time, money and nerves in dealing with embassies and authorities. Bring your loved ones to you quickly. However, hiring a lawyer is highly advisable depending on the country.


Our office is located in the city center:
Law Firm Hartmann & Pinterič
Sinisa-Felix Pinterič
Steinstraße 23
76133 Karlsruhe
Video calls are also available

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